Self-Defense Liability Insurance


USCCA Membership – Education, Training & Self-Defense

USCCA offers its members education, training and self-defense liability insurance. USCCA Membership has helped over 605,000 members prepare for the before, during and after of a self-defense incident.

Take advantage of life (and money) saving guides and checklists for securing your home using expert home security and family defense plans.

Gain Access to 200+ Protector Academy training sessions.

You will receive 8 brand-new issues of Concealed Carry Magazine.

Gain access to member-exclusive discounts with partner brands like SIG SAUER.

And if you’re ever forced to use your gun in self-defense, you can call the 24/7 Critical Response Team for immediate assistance.

Sign up for USCCA Self-Defense Liability Insurance and receive a new member gift today!


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