USCCA – Intro To Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

Started on July 15, 20243 Hours

Intro to Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

This course is for experienced shooters. This lesson continues with the basics to introduce the “Defensive Shooting” fundamental concepts. Students will understand the differences between the skills required for being a good “marksman” at the range, and the skills that might be required to save your life if you are ever the subject of a violent attack.

Defensive Shooting Course Topics:

  • Defensive shooting versus marksmanship.
  • Muscle memory explained.
  • Proper grip.
  • A natural and neutral shooting platform.
  • Aligning the muzzle to the target.
  • Point / instinctive shooting.
  • Flash sight picture.
  • Precise sight alignment.
  • Trigger control.
  • Live-Fire Drill Exercises

What You Will Receive

  • ReKoil Firearms Training Academy Certificate of Completion.

What To Bring

  • FMJ – 50
  • Handgun
  • OWB Holster
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Close-toed Shoes
  • Pen & Notebook
  • Extra Magazines – 1
  • Brimmed Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Long Pants

What Is Provided

  • Targets – 1

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